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Conservative & Endodontics

Conservative Dentistry is a branch of dentistry which is concerned with conservation of teeth in mouth. Earlier the trend was to randomly extract teeth that were more than a little involved by trauma, caries or infection. But now the aim is to treat, repair and conserve as many teeth as possible. Conservative Dentistry consists of sub specialties of cariology, operative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and endodontics. Here diseased or fractured teeth are restored with restorative materials that are biologically acceptable and esthetically pleasing.

The department of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics has about 34 ultra modern, state of art, electronic dental units which cater more than 55 patients per day. High tech gadgets like electronic pulp tester, electronic apex locater, digital radiography, high speed rotary instruments, amalgamators etc. are used routinely for diagnosis and treatment. The treatment is carried out under aseptic conditions by using ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave and U.V.chambers.

The department consist of preclinical and clinical section .The preclinical section houses 60 dental units (phantom heads) for training undergraduate students in the pre-clinical subjects. The students are exposed to various aspects of Conservative dentistry theoretically and skills of student are practiced on the simulated patients, before they take on real patients in the IIIrd year. 

The clinical programme is spread over two years i.e. IIIrd year and final year B.D.S wherein clinical coaching is given .Under the able guidance of experienced teaching staff the treatment is rendered by the students and faculty members. The treatment provided includes Silver amalgam, light cure composite, G.I.C fillings, root canal treatment, smile design, crown work and endodontic surgery.
Continuing education is given high priority with regular participation by student and teaching staff in workshops and conferences. The course enables the students to acquire knowledge of the relevant clinical literature to develop scientific approach to solving problems. The course contains didactic practical and clinical components and taught to high standard .The course will provide a foundation for successful clinical practice or a stepping stone towards an academic career.