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Modern day medical practice is highly dependent on the laboratory analysis of body fluids, especially the blood. Biochemistry is perhaps the most fascinating subject as it deals with the chemical language of life. Biochemical analysis gives the scientific basis of the disease which is useful for its treatment and prognosis .At the end of the 1st year training; the students attain the ability to biochemical analysis blood & urine samples. In ITS Greater Noida, Biochemistry department is a unique and extremely exciting department headed by experienced full time faculty. All the faculties have inquisitive attitude, determination, perseverance, and keen observation sense along with intelligence and hard work.

The Students active participation is encouraged in the form of presentation, seminars and discussions. The teaching is reflected by good performance of students in university exams. An understanding of modern Biochemistry is impossible without an introduction to experimental methods for which I.T.S. has provided well equipped laboratories and clinical material. The latest methods of investigations & demonstrations are undertaken in the lab and taught to the BDS students. Department also conducts tutorials, seminars, discussions to update BDS students with latest advances in the subject.


Human Physiology is the science that deals with various functions of the human body, their control under normal condition and their regulation under different physiological and pathological conditions.

1st year BDS students are taught the Physiology of different systems in the body eg. Cardio-vascular system respiration central nervous system, reproductive system; endocrine and excretory system. The theory part is taught by the senior faculty during the lecture hours in the well equipped Lecture Theatres.

The Practical Teaching is done in the Hematology and Human Physiology laboratory .The student practice their skills here and also learn to interpret the results of different procedures which may indicate a certain disease or pathology.