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A Facial beauty has always been an attraction to human eyes. A positive feedback from society plays an important role in developing individual’s self concept & self confidence. Consideration of facial esthetics is an unseparable part of principals & practice of orthodontics correction of malocclusion, dental or skeletal by orthodontics, orthopedic or surgerical mean is carried out in the department of orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedic. 

Patients is first examined & then record are collected for proper diagnosis & treatment planning of the case. Fixed orthodontics treatment is carried out by the post graduate staff & the undergraduate students are trained for removable orthodontic.

Our department is mainly concerned with the treatment of malocclusions and dento-facial deformities and we provide contemporary orthodontic care to over a thousand patients every month. The motto of our department is excellence in clinical care and patient satisfaction. A robust OPD ensures that more than 500 new cases are added each year resulting in ample clinical material for our trainee post-graduates. Our residents and faculty treat a wide variety of cases ranging from simple malocclusions to the most complex orthodontic problems. The department employs the latest techniques and advancements in orthodontic therapy such as Dolphin software for treatment planning, CBCT, lingual technique, self-ligation, micro-implants, orthognathic surgery and more to ensure the best clinical care to our patients and vast clinical exposure to our residents. The post-graduate program aims to train students to become competent and astute orthodontists while the under-graduate program imparts sufficient skill and knowledge to treat simple cases, co-ordinate treatment with specialists in more complex cases and to make appropriate referrals.