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ITS Dental College has a large indoor theater within the campus for various cultural and extracurricular activities that keeps the students busy and inculcates team spirit in them. The auditorium comes with a properly installed sound system and seating for more than 650 and 170 persons. For getting the right passion to pass through, the institution houses fully air-conditioned & well-equipped two auditoriums with a sitting capacity. This auditorium is quite proud of the fact that it has hosted various cultural and academic activities that have marked vital importance in a student’s campus life. The auditorium also has a pleasant acoustic system, making it ideal for hosting campus-wide events. It is spacious, well-lit, and features well-appointed halls. This auditorium, which is used frequently for national conferences, white-coat ceremonies, and events, has all of the necessary amenities to assist the learning process and is a large place that meets the diverse needs of quality education.

The purpose of the auditorium is to improve educational quality and develop life-long skills. The auditorium is equipped with LCD projectors and displays to make this possible. The events hosted play an important role in students’ personality development, their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, thus making them multi-faceted people.