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Infinity Cafe at ITS Dental College

Infinity Cafe located is located within the campus which is open till late hours to provide meals, snacks & beverages according to personal tastes & preferences. The area is attractively designed with proper seating arrangements and has become a place for relaxation and discussion.

About the structure:

The vision of using ‘infinity’ shaped structure was conceived to emphasize on the infinite possibilities using a recycled structural unit, regardless of the building type and site. The idea was to build a sustainable building that goes beyond the norm and pushes the limits of design and construction. The construction is made out of a 40-foot recycled shipping container. The architectural concept revolves around two courtyards that include two cafes in the front, two dynamic stairs that serve as seats and provide access to the viewing decks, facilities (toilets) in the central container, lounging places for professors and guests, and a student lounge. The seating is centred around the courtyard, providing an excellent vantage point for viewing the inner courts. Students can opt to sit indoors or outdoors depending on their preference.

What’s on the menu?

Keeping in mind the food preferences and cravings of the youth, the cafe menu lists a variety of dishes ranging from fast food dishes, to Chinese and North Indian. It also lists a variety of soft drinks, mojitos, and shakes. Some of its popular dishes loved by the students include pizzas (with different toppings), peri-peri fries, cold coffee, iced tea, white-sauce pasta, burger, fried momos, fried rice, manchurian, etc. The cooks at the cafe are professional chefs who serve hot fast food made with freshly bough vegetables and ingredients. In addition, the cafe keeps a stock of fresh cold-drinks, water, chocolates and biscuits at bay. This is why ITS Infinity Cafe enjoys regular visits by students, hostellers, and staff everyday.

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Infinity Cafe ITS Dental College


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