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IT Customer Services Centre
Coopertive Service Desktop Support (CSDS)
IT Customer Services Centre
IT Customer Service Center at ITS Dental College

IT @ITS Customer Service Center

The primary goal of the IT @ITS Customer Service Center is to serve as the first point of contact for students, faculty, staff and others seeking assistance with IT @ITS Services. The staff at the IT @ITS Customer Service Center will work to resolve your issue upon first contact. In the event we are unable to resolve your issue, we will escalate and/or redirect you to the appropriate support service. 

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Our walk-up help desk is located on the Ground floor (IT Cell).

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Coopertive Service Desktop Support (CSDS)
Coopertive Service Desktop Support at ITS Dental College

Cooperative Services - Desktop Support (CSDS)

  • IT @ITS established Cooperative Services Desktop Support (CSDS) in 2011, combining six existing desktop support members with the IT @ITS Customer Service Center to provide faculty, students and staff with a professional technical support center and stable computing environment.
  • CSDS strives for the highest quality service, with a targeted first-call resolution 80 percent of the time. Equipment and software are installed, managed and upgraded using best practices to deliver stable, secure computing solutions.
  • As new business needs are identified beyond the standard support model, CSDS Service Managers work with their assigned areas to better understand business need, suggest viable alternatives, explain any additional support costs that may apply, and provide guidance on submitting a business case justification for requests outside of the standard support model.

Agreements & Standards

CSDS has compiled a list of hardware standards that should be used as guidance for any departmental inquiries on these subjects. 

The CSDS Team ,CSDS Staff & Customer Service Center

Whether you email, CMS or call, our Tier 1 - Customer Service Center is your first point of contact with CSDS.

  • Target first call resolution 80% of the time
  • Remote assistance

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