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Pharmacology is both a basic & an applied science. It forms the backbone of rational therapeutics. Currently pharmacology is one of the most rapidly expanding and transforming medical disciplines. Dental as well as medical students are primarily concerned with applied aspects of this science. Correct & skillful application of drugs is impossible without a proper understanding of the basic pharmacology. Understanding bring pharmacology is extremely important for dentists as they not only prescribe for dental ailments but also patients who are taking drugs for other medical disorders also.

Students in the department are made to understand and learn fundamentals of principles of pharmacology and applied aspect in clinical sittings. Practical training of the student in needful through different training sessions and they develop skill to understand and  conduct  pharmacology practicals, differentiate between different dosage forms of the drugs ,learn and write correct prescription and learn to select a particular drug for a patient based on evidence.

The museum in the department is having the commonly used drugs in various dosage forms and the properly labeled pharmacy preparations and some models to display the mechanism of action of the drugs. The department is thus aiming to prime students with basic knowledge of drugs so that they can use drugs rationally and effectively on the patients. Also they are learning how to prepare and dispense some drugs used in practice.